Im finally getting it

Im finally feeling connected to kaison.
Feedings are still difficult but im learning how to deal with them. Hes sleeping better as a result.
Im learning his cries and what he wants.
Im playing and interacting with him outside of feeds and bum changes.
I dont think we’re 100% there yet but I feel much better about our bond than I did before.

Scuse my derpy voice but baby is smiling :) #kaisonvideo

Dread appreciation post #talliphoto

Dread appreciation post #talliphoto

I have a big lump on my gum and its driving me crazy

Make that all four tyres.
But hes got it with fitting for about 150 so its not too horrendous.

"It’s alright kids, I really didn’t want to see the end of the film."
No mum ever. (via riebina)

Ugh tmi.

These antidepressants have given me horrible constipation, to thr point where its made me bleed from straining. I have ibs so im really not used to hard poos and this is just horrible.
They’ve also pretty much doubled my appetite, the diet has completely gone out the window :(

I guess I’ll just have to try and eat fruit more.

Well fuck

David just rang and on top of getting the exhaust sorted we now have to spend £100 on two tires because the front two are buggered (you can see the cords).

Kaison is asleep in his moses basket in our bedroom.
Tsuki is watching peppa pig compilations on youtube.
David is at the garage getting the exhaust sorted out.

Glorious peace!

Kaison usually goes 1.5 hrs between feeds, 4hrs on his long sleep.
Last night he went 7.5 hrs then 4 hrs!
And he has started falling asleep in his moses basket with minimal fussing during the day! It makes it much easier as before he would only fall asleep in someones arms and would wake when you tried to put him down.